Teaching Sumi-e

Last weekend I facilitated a workshop at Umbrella Studio. We have a Chinese exhibition on at the gallery, and it was Chinese new year, so we decided to hold a public program where people could come in and learn asian ink and brush painting. In Japanese, Sumi means ink, and e means picture. This is the style I taught. We had about 16 participants, mostly ladies.

Workshop Panorama

The workshop space.

I started off by telling them about the paper, brushes and ink used. I then showed how to make ink with the ink stone, and how to load the brush. Then I demonstrated a simple bamboo plant and asked them all to copy, giving guidance where needed. After the basics were understood, I did some small (A5) pictures that I could pass around the tables for people to look at and learn from. We also had some resources from the Townsville Library to look at.

The workshop

Creating the A5 demonstrations.

The workshop was brilliant and some people walked away with some very fine pictures indeed. We received glowing feedback about the workshop too. In the survey, 100% were satisfied with the workshop, agreed that it was engaging, and would do it again. We received these quotes too… (last names removed for privacy)

I loved the workshop and would love for it to be repeated! The brush painting was fantastic, and the young man presenting it was very good! – Rachel

My members loved the workshop as it was simple, well organised, and supervised. – Wendy (Touch of Arts group)


Some of my demonstrations

Awww you guys~ We did receive one feedback that recommended getting better brushes which I would agree with. We were using student level brushes. The artist ones are much easier and nicer.

I really enjoyed teaching them and sharing what I knew. They were all keen to listen and learn.

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