Lecture at JCU: Reflecting on Design

This morning I gave a presentation to Dr David Salisbury’s class about reflecting on design. The lecture focused on the design process and learning from your past work, or others. I used the 2012 exhibition program as a case study for them to look at, which was terrific because I had kept a hard copy of all the files and prototypes we developed along the way.

Above: Setting up my keynote presentation

Using the document camera in the Teaching lab, I could show them the entire process from beginning to end, and I also brought in a box of the finished product that they could all take home. I was pleasantly surprised at the students engagement – I remember lectures could get quite tiresome. They were really happy to listen and even asked questions at the end. They thanked me and said it was really interesting. I also had a keynote presentation that had a couple of video clips in it too, to break up the information overload feeling.


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