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Posts about projects I have taken on, or plan to! Exhibitions, work, creative plans, etc.

Photography: Ralph Knight Calligraphy


Today I photographed some artwork for Ralph Knight, a calligrapher taught by a Chinese master. He’s having an exhibition at TANKS art centre in Cairns, and Umbrella Studio in Townsville early 2013. (Actually during Chinese New Year!) Check out the

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Curating “Black & White” Exhibition


This week I’ve been really busy curating Umbrella Studio’s annual members’ show. This year the theme was Black and White, challenging members to be creative using only these colours. I was guided by our regular exhibition & projects coordinator: Angela

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Compact Prints 2012


Compact Prints 2012 is an international print exhibition & exchange, held in Umbrella Studio, Townsville, Australia. My role in this show was project administration with Angela Cheung as project manager. I looked at last year’s documents to plan a timeline

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“Constellations” Media Installation


My entry for the AudioTechnica Young Artist Prize at Umbrella Studio was a media installation called “Constellations”. The theme for the exhibition was “Messages” and I looked to the stars for mine. I think people have always looked to the

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My First Solo Exhibition

web invite

  Polaroids from the opening night…

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Umbrella 2012 Calendar


This was my first big design project for Umbrella Studio. Their 2012 Exhibition Calendar. To create this, we needed information off all artists exhibiting in 2012, many months in advance. You have no idea what it’s like trying to get

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Modelling for Samantha Lawrence


Sam had to make a folio of work for her photography assignment, and chose “born this way” as a key theme and message to send through her artwork. Naturally, because I LOVE Lady Gaga and I’m not really afraid to

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Social Media for Perc Tucker Gallery


    I volunteered for Perc Tucker Gallery recently, and I was given a special task, rather than the more everyday duties other volunteers did, my job was to help lead their Social Media campaign for the Strand Ephemera. We

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Zen Ephemera


For Strand Ephemera this year, I’ve been invited to help artist, Helena Rador-Gibson (Member of Umbrella Studio) to take part in her Zen Garden performance piece by doing live raking for public viewing. It’s been quite fun, Helena does calligraphy

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The City Remix

City Remix

This one is quite an older project now, but, I’m trying to add some history! We had an exhibition at the (now closed) Cereal Box regarding the city of Townsville and what it exactly is. It was during a time

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Absolute Tea – Photography


Four days after the opening of the new Absolute Tea, in Flinders St, Townsville, I was asked by the owner-manager to do some shots for marketing purposes, that they could use on their website, printed and digital medias. So I

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John Blackley Architecture Photography


Recently I did some photography for a Brisbane based architect: John Blackley. It’s a new home at Bushland Beach on the hill with views of Magnetic Island. It was actually finished being built in late December 2010, but, now the

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The Great Reef Serpent

Screen shot 2011-07-13 at 2.16.45 PM

  This project really belongs to Josh Dykgraaf, but I’m including it here because I collaborated with him to make this, and because it’s iconic of Townsville, where I live. Josh was approached by Perc Tucker Regional Gallery to create

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Inspired by Japan

Referencing The Wave

I made these on paper that was worn in different ways, then rusted using a secret technique I learnt from Dr. James Brown. They reference some of my favourite art, like samurai armour, kimono, and The wave off the coast

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Ink on Stained Paper series

The Refinery

I recently did these to play with the ink medium a bit more, and understand some of the ideas behind sumi-e, and the compositional elements. I find that instead of a leading line, as in western art, there is more

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Queen Inside Me


This is a short-lived project for a photography assignment to push against the grain of traditional ideas of beauty. Inspiration comes from Drag Queens, Lady Gaga and the Ganguro Girls of Japan. There’s a queen inside everyone, and you can

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WEAVE was a large collaborative project for “Creative Exchange” at JCU. WEAVE is a virtual warehouse of creatives based in Townsville, who specialise in the production of editorial and advertisement material for the fashion industry. Each of our artists, or the

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