“3″ Launch Party at ArtSpaced

What? A launch party for Creative Exchange arts projects.

Who? James Cook University New Media Arts students.

When? Friday 12th November, 7pm

Where? ArtSpaced, Townsville

At the launch party, three groups had their creative talent on display, as well has a host of other groups from the JCU Creative Exchange students. The first group was “The Exchangers”. Through the semester they had prepared a short web series. It’s designed to be virally shared locally and internationally. The group had to cast actors and shoot, edit, and encode video, ready for the first screening at the launch party. The storyline was brilliant, written by Vegard Bjørneset. Without wanting to spoil too much, the video plays on the piracy culture of todays youth and the characters in question must deal with the consequences of their actions. The colours and editing in general are beautiful, and I encourage you to visit the website and watch the series for yourself and share with your friends.

The second main event of the night was the premiere screening of “Happy Thoughts” made by the team “Project Flipbook”. Home life is unraveling for Girl, the main character of the animated short film, Happy Thoughts. Using the most powerful tool a child possesses – her imagination – she constructs an alternate reality to escape into. Within this new reality, Girl embarks on a lyrical journey where her wildest fantasies can be realized. Told from a child’s perspective and involving a patchwork of visuals styles, Happy Thoughts is a unique, evocative tale. And that it is. Happy Thoughts explores the escapism of a young girl trapped in a profane environment. The art style is beautiful and it transitions between different mediums, but the story flows seamlessly. The ending may also come as a surprise, so again I would encourage you to watch the video and share with your friends.

The third main event of the night was the WEAVE launch. WEAVE is a collective of artists in Townsville who produce fashion oriented editorials, and provide a platform for the emerging artists and designers in Townsville. The group had a show-reel running downstairs near the bar, which displayed their photographic and artistic work, as well as some behind the scenes videos from various photo shoots, and time-lapse. The walls of the ArtSpaced venue were plastered with large posters of the work WEAVE has done over the semester, and through the night, WEAVE arranged for a social photo shoot at the couch near the bar, and also upstairs amongst balloons and all sorts of fun. To see some of WEAVE’s work and hopefully, soon some photos of the event, please visit their blog.

The night was a complete success, with many attendees, and a flowing bar downstairs. The launch party was also helped by some captivating projection art by Robert Crispe. The feel of the night was fun, social, and generally very interesting and inspiring. Guests such as students, lecturers, friends, family and art patrons in Townsville were all present at the event and made for a great mix of people.

Other creative exchange projects on show at the launch were “I do Townsville” the new online bridal magazine. Also “The Reason Why” which is a children’s book that explains just who is behind all the little annoyances in life.

New Creative Exchange projects run every year by students at James Cook University, so look forward to next years too.

-Alan Junior


Update: Video now available:


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2 comments on ““3″ Launch Party at ArtSpaced
  1. weaveartists says:

    We loved it! Video is now on our blog too.

  2. DUO Magazine says:

    Great event and some amazing pieces in there from some very talented people. Good work!

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