Exciting News! (Job!)

While I’ve been at Studio2 Gallery, I was hearing news about a traineeship being offered at the member’s gallery next door: Umbrella Studio. I applied for the position which was advertised in the local newspaper and through emails and web. I went in for the interview on Friday with the Director, Vicki Salisbury, and the treasurer, and the business manager. Three against one doesn’t seem quite fair does it? :P But, I was confident, I mean, I have lots of qualifications and experience behind me, and I’m passionate about the arts, and this all came across well in my interview. That was my first interview since Woolworths about 6-7 years ago! So I was a little nervous, but they did give us the questions 10minutes before the interview, so we could have a think about the answers, and even write them down. (Although I thought I wouldn’t need to write them down!)


So anyway, I was told there was 60 applicants, and I suspect that not all of those were called in for an interview. But, about half an hour after my interview, Kayleen, the business manager came over to see me. She was talking to Sue at the front counter for a minute before I realised she obviously came to see me, so I came out, and she invited me outside to talk. That’s when she asked me if I’d accept the position, and invited me to join the team!! I was so happy, I could have hugged her. So we quickly talked about requirements and hours. I do 4 weekdays 9am-5pm, and then 1 day I go to TAFE in the morning, to do a business admin certificate, and get that afternoon off for study. It goes for 2 years. She said it was my enthusiasm that really won them over. I handed in my resignation at Woolworths on Saturday morning, and my last day of work there is Sunday 21st August. Then I start on Monday 22nd at Umbrella!

I’m also volunteering at Strand Ephemera for Perc Tucker Gallery’s Pam Lane, doing Social Media coverage for the install dates and the lead up to the opening. Follow @PercTucker on twitter to get updates, and you can also find them on Facebook, which we’ll also be using! I’m also doing a tour and a workshop for two days. Oh, and tomorrow (Wednesday) I’m going to be doing photography for “Absolute Tea” a new shop in the mall that just opened up yesterday.  AND! On Friday, LUSHHH is opening at Studio2. It’s their one year birthday exhibition and celebration. I do have an artwork in there, and there will be food, cake, salsa dancers, art, and lovely people. So please come :)

Whew that was a lot of news to cover.  Until next time!

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